Situations People Who Don’t Smoke Weed Will experience with friends who do

Let me be blunt…

I do have a lot of friends who smoke weed . In fact , I have lost or got distanced from a lot of my old friends because I am Straight edge. Here’s something I experience often when I am with my ‘ high friends ‘ … 

1.They ask you to spot them for lunch but suddenly have money to pay for weed.
2.You’re forced to listen to their”mindblowing” revelations.
3.You become an involuntary babysitter because they can’t control themselves.
4.And have to play therapist to calm your friends after they get super paranoid.
5.You’re forced to make conversationwith yourself because they left to smoke.
6.They don’t respect your choices and try to get you high anyways.
7.You’re just trying to have a conversation and they blow smoke in your face.
8.They won’t shut the fuck up about how hiiiiiigh they are.
9.They try to convince you weed is healthy because it’s organic.
10.They are convinced that you haven’t really experienced music/sex/life because you’re not high.
Don’t feel sorry. We’re doing just fine.


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