Why I am atheist and straight edge..?

Imagine life. In all its glory.

 Its ups, its downs. Its brights, its darks.

A true work of art.

It’s like the Mona Lisa, or the Sistine Chapel. Beautiful.If you decided you didn’t like the bright parts, and wanted to darken them, or hated the darks, and wanted to lighten them, you’d fuck up the glorious awesome painting that is life. You wouldn’t be seeingthe painting the way nature intended.But this isn’t a great metaphor. If I were to fuck up the Mona, Everyone would be fucked up. That’s not how personal morality works.Life is like the Beatles. Fucking. Brilliant.Hands down, pristine form of pop music. You really can’t get better than the Beatles.Some people like the Beatles so much, they want to cover them. They’ll do a Pop-Punk version of Hey Jude, or a dance Remix of I am the Walrus, and that’sall good, if you’re into that sort of thing.Me, I am a Beatles Purist. I love to listen to the Beatles entire discography, no remixes, or covers. They made it right.You are free to listen to the covers if you want. I’m not gonna stop you, but trust me, the original is better. See, you can listen to the covers, and I can listen to the originals, because the original is still there. I can do mine, you can do yours.But if you decide that your indie-post-modern-hipster-rap-folk-autotune cover of Hey Jude, with most words changed, and with one verse left out entirely isthe Best version of the song, and try and destroy the original, so we all have to listen to your crazy cover, we’re gonna have problems. I’m not trying to stop all covers, I’m just trying to enjoy life the way it was supposed to be.So you can have your religion, and your smokes, and your beer, I will not partake. But if you force any of these on me, We’ll have problems.

P.S : SxE: No Poison. *Religion Poisons Everything*


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