Songs about straight edge life – part 1

1.M​inor Threat- Straight Edge

I’m a person just like you But I’ve got better things to do Than sit around and fuck my head Hang out with the living dead.This song says a lot in 47 seconds. Ian MacKaye had a huge impact on the straight edge hardcore music scene with this song as well as “Out of Step (With the World)” and “In My Eyes.”
2.The Modern Lovers- I’m Straight

So, this phone call today concerns hippie Johnny. He’s always stoned, he’s never straight.Jonathan Richman is proud to say he’s straight (as in drug-free). The irony is thathe sounds pretty baked.
3.The Vibrators- Keep it Clean

Cocaine, heroin, I never use speed, I never put the needle in. Bad sex, heavy debts, It’s too late to run when they come and snap your legs.Take it from these Brits, drug use in movies doesn’t make drug use cool.
4.Earth Crisis- The Discipline

The key to self liberation is abstinence from the destructive escapism of intoxicationDoes that sound like a thesis statement, or what? Earth Crisis tends to have some fairly…ermm, intense songs about straight edge, animal liberation, and what not.
5.H2O- Still Here

38 years edge what the fuck you gotta say? Is anyone out there still here today? Nailed to theX, man I live this shit I am an S.E.O.G. don’t ever forget itToby Morse may be a straight Edge O.G., but in last year’s interview, Adam Blake points out thatH2O isn’t a straight edge band, but they are firm supporters of PMA.


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